MOTOJAPAN ライダー: サンジーブ クマール

名前:サンジーブ クマールバイクの車種:Yamaha MT 09 Tracer 2016 Modelライダー歴:7年座右の銘:“ どうせなら、でっかいことやろうぜ “ 生まれはどこですか? インドやで。 ライダーになったきっかけは? 1996年に初めてスクーターを乗った時感じたんだ。バイクは僕のベストフレンドだってね。 あなたにとってバイクの楽しさとは何ですか? 日本の自然は素晴らしいよ。海と

MOTOJAPAN Rider: Gackt

Fascinated by riders of Japan, we are adding regular interviews with some of the most enchanting motorcycle riding personalities in the land of the rising sun. This time, we're introducing Gackt. Name: GacktBike: Suzuki GSX-R1000Years riding: 2 yearsFavorite motto: Progress day by day. Where are you from and how did you get into riding? I was born in Tochigi Prefecture, in a town called Nogi. I always wanted to ride a bike, but didn't take a step towards it until my friends were getting the "oog

MOTOJAPAN ライダー: Gackt

暗闇を切り裂く閃光のポーカーフェイス ガクトさんをご紹介します! 名前:ガクトバイクの車種: SUZUKI GSX-R1000 ライダー歴:2年 座右の銘:日進月歩 生まれはどこですか? 栃木県 野木町 ライダーになったきっかけは? バイクに乗りたいと思ってはいたのですが中々踏み出せず、そんな時に友人が大型免許を取る事をきっかけにライダーになりました。 どのくらいの頻

Projection Mapping at NEUTRAL [Bikes ・ Art ・ Music] EVENT

Projection mapping, similar to video mapping and spatial augmented reality, is a projection technology used to turn objects, often irregularly shaped, into a display surface for video projection. Previous projects: Makio&Floz is a studio founded in 2016, based in Paris & Tokyo working on digital art based projects. Exploring every type of technologies and media, the studio is creating generative visuals or visuals reacting to every kind of data. The code is at the center of all their creation

Misato Isobe →The fearless female racing champion (Podcast Announcement)

The fearless female BMW Motorrad racer Misato Isobe took only 4 years from getting her motorcycle license to winning races at Motegi Circut. As a start, she rode 30,000 km → all around her house! Misato Isobe and and her partner Mikio Ide shared their riding craziness at Apexmoto Inc for the latest Moto Japan Podcast. Enjoy listening: