Slovenian joyride on Tokyo streets - Tomos Intercontinental

Today, Facebook reminded me of my first 2-wheel rides. 1st 2-wheel ride in Europe when I was a kid, and 1st 2-wheel ride in Tokyo 2 decades later happened to fall into the same category: 50cc Slovenian moped Tomos. After acquiring a production license from Puch to produce moped models under the Tomos name in 1954, Tomos produced various vehicles, including motorcycles, mopeds, outboard motors and Citroën cars for the domestic market. Since 1966, Tomos production expanded to the Netherlands, and

Funday in Okutama; Escaping Tokyo to knee drag & get lost in the mountain

We only had 1 day for riding a week ago, therefore we looked for a convenient touring road close to Tokyo, providing enough excitement and possibility to return at a reasonable hour, given the usual Sunday evening traffic. We were set for Okutama, expecting a serene quiet ride over empty mountain roads, and drove right into the opposite: An ongoing, furious, wild and adrenaline-packed Japanese street race! We had no idea that the loop road around the Okutama lake is commonly used for trying craz

Uber Elevate Networks bringing new transportation verticals with Pipistrel electric aircrafts by 2020

It's not entirely a motorcycle-related post this time. We're rather sharing a short announcement with pure engineering news from Uber! Why? Because we're glad to hear that Uber Elevate Network selected Pipistrel, a Slovenian aviation company, as their manufacturing innovation partner to develop electric vertical takeoff and landing aircrafts. While Pipistrel provides planes for world's top engineering companies and private & public sector, this deal will hopefully elevate their production and en

Honda 400x 2017 release! New colors of Japan-only Crossover model

Today, Honda released the new lineup of Crossover motorcycles! 400x got new design and colors, accenting their adventurous spirit and adding a few tweaks to the design and performance to the adventure ride! 400cc and agile design brings optimal balance and sporty handling to this capable off-roader. Sales of the new bikes in Japan are starting today, and while the basic model starts at 741,960JPY (687,000JPY before tax), the 400 X ABS version starts at 792,720 JPY (734,000 JPY before tax). Not t

The Japanese “biker gang” we hope you’ll never deal with: SCOUTs ride through flames and rubble of Shizuoka, when things get worse than bad

If words “biker gang” and “Japan” make you think of bosozoku riders, let go of the past and think again. If you’re wondering what the roughest biker gang in Japan is, head to Shizuoka, where a team of off-road motorcycle riders is trained to respond to disaster challenges that might occur in Shizuoka prefecture. Over 30 individuals that ride under the name SCOUT (Shizuoka City Off-Road Utility Team), are the fist response team members, that would quickly and effectively inspect conditi