Moto Japan gripping rider: Tomoki Azuma

One of the great things that riding brings is the opportunity to meet exceptional people on the road. While everyone shares a common hobby, each rider is exceptional and fascinating. Every single one of us shares the love for the road and the feeling of freedom, but each motorcycle lover is unique in their drive, motivation, style and life beyond the motor. Fascinated by riders of Japan, we decided to add regular interviews with some of most enchanting riders that can be met on streets across Ja

What to do in the case of a traffic accident in Japan

Returning from Karuizawa last night, my Ninja had a very intimate experience with a tank truck. Crossroad crash happened due to larger number of bikers taking off from the beginning of the queue in front of a tanker. Being last in the biker group to take off, and being slow doing so, the overworked driver that was just returning home from a long work trip around Honshu didn't see me at all. His window was too high, and my bike was too close to him, that when he first hit me, he didn't even reali

Clearing minds and filling bellies along the melodic Venus Line

Summer hasn’t been easy on us this year. Work was busy, and weekends were marked by bad weather. We initially planned to take a month off to do a big “Tour de Japon”, but I was engaged in organization of a large event, and consequently, we didn’t have summer vacation. My event took place last week and it adhered to Kazuto’s stressful days at work. We barely saw each other during that time, and it’s accurate to say that we practically didn’t talk to each other. We left the home earl

Tsukuba Area 51

What a day, what a day in Tsukuba! We just returned from a short day trip and have to share it with everyone Tsukuba is one funky magnificent place to visit! We didn't believe our friend Rok who kept inviting us to go there together on many occasions. Being so close to Tokyo, moreover only an hour (and 1000 JPY) train ride from our home in Asakusa, we doubted that a place in such vicinity can offer so much excitement. You live, you learn, and you learn faster soaking your head in science and gam

Okinawa - the Ryukyu Queen of slippery streets and slimy seaweed