Tsukuba Area 51

What a day, what a day in Tsukuba! We just returned from a short day trip and have to share it with everyone: Tsukuba is one funky magnificent place to visit! We didn't believe our friend Rok who kept inviting us to go there together on many occasions. Being so close to Tokyo, moreover only an hour (and 1000 JPY) train ride from our home in Asakusa, we doubted that a place in such vicinity can offer so much excitement. You live, you learn, and you learn faster soaking your head in science and ga

Okinawa - the Ryukyu Queen of slippery streets and slimy seaweed

Hot summer evokes the craving for beach and nothing but blue sea laid out all the way to the horizon. During the morning commute, I asked Kazuto which travel destination we should write about this time, as we've had quite a few new discoveries lately. His nostalgic response wasn't surprising: Let's write about Okinawa, and then let's go there again!  A bit over 2 years ago in April, Vanilla Air just launched their new line from Tokyo to Naha, and their 2000 JPY promotional package (upon the ope

Feeling Olympic? Tokyo 2020 license plates ready - sadly for cars only

No hype in Japan can beat the Olympics. What the international contest brought to Japan historically is still reflected and celebrated in country's architecture, pride in sports and international relations. Olympics opened many doors and created new opportunities that would otherwise remain unimaginable. And the hype about the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympics is in full swing. 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games license plate design contest The Transport Ministry of Japan held a design contest,

Inawashiro Lake in Fukushima - shiny gem of Honshu motorcycle diaries

One of the most underrated places in Japan is quite surely Fukushima, an area that offers impeccable nature, delicious food and unique sights and people. To the outside world, the name of this incredible Japanese prefecture might send chills down the spine, as the media outside Japan reports anything connected to the 2012 earthquake and tsunami disaster with the nuclear power plant leak as the "Fukushima disaster". For 13,780 km² of Fukushima prefecture, this reputation serves as a great injust

Tickets for the 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017 on sale!

We previously wrote about the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show which will take place at Tokyo Big Sight end of October. Ticket sales started today, and early-bird purchases offer a limited edition tickets for the Preview Day. On October 27th, a day before the official opening for the general public, 20,000 people will have an opportunity to visit tour the venue with a renowned Automotive Journalist. Visit and tour times and price Tickets sold from today cost ¥4,000 and offer 2 tours, first starting at