Tokyo Hentai Motorcycle Show 2018

※ Last month,  the highly anticipated Motorcycle Show was held in Tokyo. We had a blast at the Tokyo Motor Show 2018 (and even recorded our Moto Japan Podcast pilot episode there), therefore the expectations about the exhibition dedicated to (mainly) 2-wheelers were high. We returned to Tokyo from an overseas business/pleasure trip early - in time for the show. That’s how much we were expecting! We knew we’d be blown away, but didn’t expect to be fascinated by the following: You don’t


※朗報です。 東京モーターサイクルショーのセキュリティが甘すぎて一般人でも無料で入場できます。 適当な名刺を2枚持参し、リセプションに提示するだけといった、至って簡単な手法。 以上、自己責任でお願い致します。 さて、本題にうつりますが、先月開催された東京モーターサイクルショーに参加してきました。 概要に関しては、東京モーターショーとほぼ変


コテコテの東北男児が、縁も所縁もないセイントバレンタインデーという名の、いかにも西洋かぶれな記事を書くとします。独り言だと思って見てください。 さて、街中は至る所でお菓子屋さんが賑わいを見せています。 友達同士、まるで思春期の子供のように、チョコレートを選ぶ女性もいれば、毎日旦那の給料の不満を垂れるワイフが心ならずチョコレートを手にす

Valentine ride to the heart of Japan

Valentine's day is set in the heart of winter, when most roads in Japan are still risky for bikers due to the probability of snowfall and ice on the road. For a motorcycle ride starting in Tokyo, Izu is often a winter ride safe choice (as long as you take the road by the sea and not the famous mountain skyline): Izu is great in winter, that's why we went there this weekend. Returning yesterday, the traffic was not so bad, cherries were blossoming already (it starts there earlier than Tokyo), it'

Moto Japan ☠ Yoshimi Tokui

We interviewed Yoshimi Tokui, one of the most famous Japanese comedians and variety show hosts. He comes from the Kansai region, which is famous for the manzai comedy, a traditional Japanese stand-up featuring 2 performers, trading jokes at great speed. This type of comedy traces its origins back to the Heian period, and appropriately to this time of the year, it was originally based on a festival to welcome the New Year. Mr. Tokui belongs to the manzai comedy duo "Tutorial", and has been tradin