Queens of the 44th Tokyo Motorcycle Show

by Moto Japan

Like all moto shows,  the 44th Tokyo Motorcycle Show is famous for powerful bikes, crazy skills showcase, as well as the most enchanting women. And we can't resist mentioning the squad that combines the best of all 3 categories!

While the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Motorcycle Squad is known for best skilled riders in Japan (if not even the world), the elite police squad of female motorcycle officers, riding under the name "Queen Stars", showcased their motorcycle drill performance at the outdoor exhibition space at Big Sight. The following video captures their elegance and sharp riding technique:

Policewomen displayed their brilliant riding skills on powerful Honda CB 1300P motorcycles, the exclusive police squad "white bike", used by the Department since 2009.

We previously mentioned how cool the Japanese motorcycle police squad members are, and the boys and girls on their white bikesdeserve all our respect for their skills, excellent work ensuring safety on the roads, as well as optimistic attitude. We never met a grumpy motorcycle police officer in Japan by now, and meeting them has always been a cheerful occasion! Hope to meet one of these skillful ladies on the road soon!

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