Miura Base welcomes bikers

by Moto Japan

Review of Miura Base (Ichi Bed & Breakfast) Guest House weekend stay

Finding an optimal accommodation for a weekend motorcycle trip can be a big challenge. You don't want to leave the parking to a chance, and you definitely don't want to ride far away from the main road, as well as evening happenings once you decide it's time to take a good rest. This time we were really lucky...

Already at the end of the year, we wanted to use our Miles&More benefits and book an accommodation close to Tokyo for an overnight bike trip (before the miles expire). We had a great selection of available hotels, and it seemed perfect to drive down to Kanagawa or Chiba, and spend a night in one of the listed international hotels. But unfortunately, we stayed at home and let our miles expire, as there wasn't an optimal solution for us. The main problem was the parking. Even huge international chain hotels with in-house parking spots couldn't accommodate our bikes... And those that didn't stick to car-only policy, offered parking spots in some suspicious areas, far away from the hotel. However peaceful and neat Japan is, it is not uncommon to get your bike scratched (or damaged in a different way) during night hours in areas that aren't entirely residential. We got our bicycle stolen a few weeks ago, and we're still getting over it. We're not taking any risks with our new babies.

Miura Base is a family-owned guest house with all qualities bikers demand.

After spending 2 weeks on the phone with diverse booking agencies, hotels and property owners, we finally encountered a green light. The owner of Miura Base waited for our arrival in the evening and guided us to the nearby parking spot in the immediate vicinity of the guest house. The parking spot is outside, but in a very calm area, under an all-night public light on the main road of a small town. Our bikes were safe, covered with a protective sheet (and certainly locked), and they seemed very happy, resting throughout the night until or morning ride.

The owners shared that the building is 80 years old and served as a dormitory for fishermen. With help of friends, they refurbished it entirely and preserved the traditional architecture, combining it with great modern design.

Miura Base is conveniently located right next to the bridge that leads to Joga island. We arrived at the right time to observe the sunset (with a view of Mt. Fuji), and we were grateful that we didn't have to drive far from that spot, as it was the perfect place to end the riding day.

We quickly got settled into our beautiful room and went down to the bar, where the owner waited for us with "otsukare" beer and delicious local snacks. We ate the freshest wakame (seaweed), just pulled out of the

nearby sea that morning!

Local nightlife experience - right next door

As we were finishing our "otsukare" beer and local snacks (Miura is known for great vegetables, like daikon and cabbage), we got a recommendation to visit a nearby yakitori (chicken skewers) place, owned by Mr. Suzuki and his wife. And that was a local experience that shouldn't be missed in Miura! This tiny place was crowded with happy (slightly drunk) and super friendly locals of all ages. They quickly squeezed us between them at the counter, and while Mr. Suzuki flipped skewers, we got into an engaging conversation (and a lot of cheering) with other guests. A girl sittingĀ  next to me gave me an inflatable tuna toy as a souvenir, and an older lady on naxt to Kazuto didn't let us refuse her drinks and cigarettes. Can't beat that party hospitality! Mr. Suzuki's generous drinks came into effect very fast, and we wanted to stay partying with the locals all night (Miura way!), but we had to be responsible drivers and catch some sleep before the next trip.

Duvet we dreamed about the following days...

Speaking of sleep: Duvet/blanket in our room was so warm and comfortable, that we slept by an open window and still felt warm on this winter day. Upon leaving, we actually checked the manufacturer's serial number, and decided to buy the same one from Nitori. Amazing! Thanks to comfortable beds, we got the perfect recovery and were ready to ride the whole next day...

Breakfast made with local ingredients - and a whole lotta love

As we woke up, the guest house owners already prepared a wonderful breakfast for us. Miso soup with local daikon, a selection of other local vegetables, delicious rice and a fish that swam close to this place just a few hours ago. Apples for desert! They also offered us a wide selection of complimentary tea and coffee. First thing that I actually noticed when I entered the guest house was their nice espresso machine, which is a rare gem in Japanese guesthouses.

We'll come back again soon! For the following:

We took our GroPro with us and created a tiny video. At around 1:10, you can catch a little glimpse of our arrival to the guest house, Mr. Suzuki's skewer flipping skills, and the wonderful breakfast and departure:M

If you're touring Miura and are looking for the perfect accommodation solution, check Miura Base. It will bring great value to your moto Japan trip.