Weekend escape to Miura

by Moto Japan

After getting our bikes end of December, we looked forward to the 1st free sunny weekend to take them for a spin and enjoy an overnight trip.

Miura-Hanto is a popular riding destination among Tokyoites, especially during the winter, as the chances of snowfall in this area are pretty slim. Toll-free road leads across the wonderful cable-stayed Yokohama Bay Bridge that spans across Daikoku-futo, Tsurumi-ku and Honmoku-futoa and Yokohama's Naka-ku. Upon entering the peninsula, the scenery changes from common metropolitan area to curvey country roads with nice sights over fields and country houses, with occasional peak across the sea horizon.

Last minute we remembered to take the GoPro and stuck it to Kazuto's Hayabusa. Since we didn't have extra stickers for the camera mount, our action cam's durability on the bike was very limited. Still, it was enough to film a trial video and capture the excitement of our first weekend trip with new bikes:

We're looking forward to further trips in 2017, but since Miura was such a great motorcycle trip destination, we'll definitely come back soon...

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