Hair out, luck in, helmet on!

by Moto Japan

A post about how we took advantage of "Setsubun" (節分), Japanese celebration of the season change (from winter to spring), to solve the helmet hair problem.

Following the traditional Japanese ritual, we cleansed away all the evil of the former year and drove away disease-bringing evil spirits for 2017. Like most other people in Japan, we marked this day by throwing soy beans that symbolize evil forces out of the apartment, and scattering some lucky ones inside the living area. As I'm writing this, the floor around the sofa seems like a perfect nesting place for mice, while Kazuto sitting next to me looks like he just joined a 90's boy band and is ready for his first photo-shoot. Handsome as hell!

After a lifetime of keeping long hair, Hayabusa won!

This has been the 1st time in 3 years that he visited a hair stylist. 2017 is the year of new beginnings, new bike, new roads and a new hairstyle. Out with the old, in with the new! Or as the Setsubun saying goes: 鬼は外、福は内 (oni wa soto, fuku wa uchi)!Getting rid of hair will bring more time and caution for next rides (without annoying drying and tying up hair).

Hair for charity - a wig with this hair will make someone real happy

He chose Lani Hair Salon in Daikanyama and and trusted his 3 year hair to skilled hands of the salon owner, master Takahashi Matsushima. In Japan, there is a possibility to donate hair to organizations that will create wigs for individuals with illnesses that affect hair growth (or at least that's what they claim), and Kazuto decided to donate his hair for this cause. Therefore master Matsushima carefully cut the hair in a few batches, assuring easy shipment of the hair to the charity organization.

Setsubun announced the beginning of spring, warmer riding weather (and unfortunately strong 'haru ichiban' (春一番) wind) and a more convenient look of one rider.

Final result:

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