Our only 2 ways to manage long helmet hair

by Moto Japan

Another post about hair... This time with much-needed tips for any rider with longer hair... Cause motorcycle hair is never overrated, just think about it...

I just learned how to manage longer hair under that tight Shoei helmet. As it's cold, I wear a Dainese winter bacalava, but I do plan to wear a protective sheet or a net over my head in the summer as well, as I want to keep my helmet as fresh and clean as possible at all times. Wearing a head cover without tying up hair often resulted in getting it in my eyes or mouth while riding, and chewing on hair while riding isn't exactly enjoyable. Bike doesn't bring you optimal situations to stop and adjust everything around your head (and also removing the helmet). Better solutions are needed.

What works best for me is a single braid starting at the lower part of the head, right around the helmet end. I often braid it on the side, as it's a few seconds quicker and easier to divide hair on my own without a mirror. The main reason why I prefer a braid over a simple pony tail, is because it creates somewhat of a hairstyle. Can't expect too much, but if you wear a helmet for consecutive hours, the top of your head will be a disaster without a chance of the improvement. The bottom braid however adds a little bit of volume to the hair, in case it is naturally straight and boring like mine. And as mentioned above, the looks are not the main reason to wear my hair this way, it's the practicality and avoidance of getting it all over the face, especially around eyes and mouth.

Another thing that's very helpful is bringing a cap to your rides. In this cold weather, it's useful to put a beanie in the pocket for multiple reasons. Once you get off the bike and stroll around the exciting new destination, you'll feel warmer and more beautiful covering your head with one of those. Hat would be a very stylish accessory, but it's not practical for this occasion (doesn't fit a biker jacket pocket). Baseball cap for summer days is also very simple and useful item. My helmet has a sun visor and I'm used to wearing sunglasses on a sunny day. Since I don't want to bring too many accessories to the trip, a baseball cap is great for keeping the rays of strong sun away from your eyes, especially when you don't have sunglasses at hand.

That's the only way that my hair works for me during a bike trip. A braid and a cap create a perfect alliance throughout the entire trip.

However, the best way to manage riding hair is how Kazuto handled it last week. I wrote about him cutting his ass-length hair in another post, as it's been pretty ceremonial:

Also his preparation time decreased from about an hour (of mainly drying hair) to extremely quick showers. And that leaves more time for the road. I'm jealous because my face shape doesn't work well with short hair, but maybe I'll give it a shot one of these days anyway...