Bypassing congested traffic on the way to Kanagawa seaside (video: Oiso to Atsugi)

by Moto Japan

On the way to Izu last week, we accidentally discovered an empty road that took us from Tokyo suburbs to the beach line close to Oiso. We found the map of the area and are posting it here for reference - it will come handy for us next time, and if someone else benefits from it, even better!

There was a lot of construction along the road section from Atsugi to Oiso. On the way there (it was Saturday) the vehicles along the highway weren't moving at all. Toll-free way suggested by navigation system was jam-packed. As Kazuto cursed upon 0 movement, he suddenly lost his patience and turned onto an empty road parallel to the highway. We both thought it's the wrong way, but decided to take a detour and circle around a little bit, just to get the brain back in gear before dealing with congestion. Surprisingly, navigation rerouted and confirmed that this road will take us to our destination.

There was almost no one on that road next to the highway, while no other ways had moving traffic. Looks like navigation systems aren't completely up to date with urban planning progress, therefore this road might be the optimal way to get to the seaside, before the new roads are finished.

On the way back, we found the same road and filmed it, to locate it on a map easier. Here's the Google maps section from a point after Oiso until near Atsugi which then leads to Shibuya in a straight line:

And a video footage, Japanese countryside around Hiratsuka. This was taken on the way back on Monday, when the roads were clear all along the way:

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