Under neon loneliness motorcycle emptiness

by Moto Japan

When you browse for motorcycle-related topics, Google autocompletes you to Shibuya!

Just a short note this time: As I was googling for some motorcycle equipment, the browser suggested to check out a popular search phrase "Motorcycle Emptiness".

Little did I know that Manic Street Preachers (popular 90s Welsh band) released a song with that title in 1992!

Furthermore, the music video for it was shot in Japan, starting at Shibuya crossing (and looks exactly like a typical karaoke parlor background video):

The song was apparently inspired by a book about biker gangs and implies connotations about capitalism and conformist society.

While our non-conformist neon Tokyo living is far from lonely, we did experience motorcycle emptiness once, when the Ninja ran out of fuel.

That's all we wanted to share tonight. Karaoke-worthy video of Shibuya. Now good night Tokyo!

Moto Japan