Only essentials: Our weekend bike trip packing list

by Moto Japan

It just took us a minute to pack for our weekend trip (starting tomorrow evening). We are taking the same essentials as last week and here's our list of necessary items that fit our tiny tank bags (Tanax Motofizz) for a weekend bike trip in Japan:

Documents Driver's license, bike documents
Money Cash or cards
Underwear & socks 2 pairs per person
Comfortable set of clothes Pants & T-Shirt (pajama that can be used for chilling at/near the guesthouse)
Power cables For phones, camera (GoPro), transceivers
Essential toiletries Toothbrushes, toothpaste and whatever is individually mandatory
Hat/cap For coping with helmet hair
Lock and keys Including house, bike and lock keys
Electronic gadgets Phones, GoPro, transceivers in our case
Any potential medicine Hepalyse and Iqos in our case...

Our 2 tank bags upon leaving Tokyo last weekend:

On the way back we squeezed in 2 bamboo sushi plates we received as a gift from Backpackers Furyu Guesthouse owner and a bag of furikake, souvenir for friends/colleagues.

That's pretty much all you need for a short trip in Japan (if you have assured covered bike parking - otherwise you need to bring a cover sheet). You can wash your clothes and buy food in many places, and convenience stores carry a better backup stock of things than your moto bag could provide.

And a picture of the current situation (pretty much same):