Powerful Shibuya club pickup line; Moto Japan love story

by Moto Japan

We just returned from Boso Peninsula, where we had our first date a bit over 2 years ago. It's been 2 eventful and wonderful years, that brought very turbulent times to us individually, and as a couple. People who know us are often curious where we have met, given the differences yet common interests, and the harmony that we enjoy with each other. It's appropriate to allocate a post to our love story, that started nowhere else but where no one would advise you to look for love: In a club in Shibuya.

It was around 4am at Oath Shibuya, where Kazuto took his friend for a few last drinks of the night, while I arrived there with 4 others as an extension of friend's birthday party. One of my friends was in a playful mood that night, and after some flirtatious laughs with Kazuto, she introduced and pushed us into conversation, deciding to change her bar coordinates for a moment and hit the dance floor.

Time and place was appropriate for drunk auto-responding, and Kazuto dropped his one and only English pickup line that kept me by his side until the rest of the night: He invited me to go for a ride.

After that, we couldn't stop talking about bikes, and while I was fascinated by his riding attitude and experience, he giggled at my Tomos moped stories correcting my vocabulary. 'That's not a motorcycle' he said. As I was leaving the club at 9 in the morning, he repeated:

"I'll take you to Enoshima by real moto, OK? I'll pick you up."

He didn't expect me to go for it, and I didn't think he was serious, at least until he sent me a few motorcycle options a few days later, asking if I want to take the back seat on a sports, American or naked type. It took about a month of fun moto (and moped) conversations before we set the date on February 7th and upgraded the destination from Enoshima to Boso Peninsula. And as I walked towards Suzuki Intruder (I chose American type for the trip) waiting in front of my train station, we both knew there's no middle way...

This trip was either gonna be epic fun or a complete disaster.

We just wanted to go for a ride, but the happy, crazy, cooky drunk Shibuya end-up club idea backfired in the best possible way.

We didn't expect that 2 years later, we'll be a family, with 2 wonderful babies sleeping under our apartment window.


Moto Japan