Night ride under the magnificent Mt. Fuji

by Moto Japan

Upon a free long weekend (3days), we had the following trip criteria: Destination about 200km from Tokyo, at the seaside, with good road options there & back, nice further destination in vicinity of about 50km, with comfortable accommodation and safe motorcycle parking.  Considering weather conditions, we pinned Shizuoka for this time.

Leaving Tokyo on Friday around noon, it took us over 2 hours to get out of the city and reach the 246 road around Sangenjaya area, where our ride started feeling like a trip out of town. Our roaming around the city was extended due to taking different turns around a construction site in Roppongi. We looked for each other for a while, then stopped to make a call and agree to meet at a convenient spot in Shibuya. It takes at least 15mins just to make a phone call on the bike. Finding a place to stop and getting off your helmet and bacalava takes a loooot of time.

The road took us to Gotenba, and as the night fell, we revved a little harder, uphill. The night was getting darker, stronger, colder, and we were alone on the winding road. Thousands of little eyes shimmered in the sky, and under those stars, we felt the magnificence of a striking white triangle, the peak of Mt. Fuji.

This was definitely the best night ride either of us had ever experienced. Pure meditation, feeling the grace of Mother Nature, awaiting every curve with an awe and excitement of a child that just discovered its own shadow.

There was no one else on the mountainous road, only us and some leftover snow on the sides. It became colder, and as riding became difficult due to numb freezing fingers, we came out of complete forest darkness and recognized a welcoming kanji written on a lit signboard above a house. At that time it looked surreal, a galactic stop for space and time travelers. We stopped at this sushi restaurant and warmed up, ate some amazing food, and received warmed up towels from the wonderful clerks, so we could dig our hands and faces into them to warm up. Kazuto spotted that of the waitresses resembled my mom, and he was right. After the nearly-family reunion, our guesthouse Backpackers Furyu wasn't far away.

We drove slowly, passing Fuji city, and sections of alternating coastal and mountainous areas. The magnificence of this path left us speechless. As we returned home 2 days after, we realized that the night had its power, and everything seemed pretty ordinary in daylight. The area around mountain road was actually quite developed, and there were some houses on the way that were completely invisible in the night.

If you're looking for a fun road from Tokyo with a nice seaside final goal and not too much traffic on the way, consider Shizuoka. Best driven to in the night.

For Backackers Furyu guesthouse review, check a separate blog post. For Omaezaki Cape description, wait another day or two. We'll post about that one shortly.

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