Tonight's orgy party was a lump of meat!

by Moto Japan

For any couple, miscommunication is a common relationship byproduct. And for an international couple, miscommunication is a daily comedy. We're used to hearing nonsense from each other and have fun with linguistic mistakes, which most commonly occur when I try to speak Japanese. While Kazuto is amazing in learning languages, I sometimes think that my linguistics degree should be revoked. Starting from our first date, when I accidentally proposed to Kazuto mixing up Japanese words "kekkon" (marriage) and "kankou" (sightseeing), we attribute some good laughs to occasional lexical misconceptions.

The latest episode sneaked upon Moto Japan Instagram account

Tonight's post-gym dinner was a feast: A big Australian beef steak for Kazuto, and seafood jjigae (Korean stew, one of my favorite dishes) for me. As we sat down for dinner, Kazuto took his first shot at #instafood, snapping his dinner and posting it to Moto Japan Instagram account. He showed me the picture and victoriously stated: "Here, one for your sister":


I was puzzled. I didn't get the meaning of his hashtags. "#orgybeef #orgyparty..." Say whaaat?

He looked at me, surprised that I'm not getting the hint:

"Your sister moved to Australia a few days ago... That's how you spell "Aussie", right?"

I couldn't control the burst of tears and laughter upon this NSFW spelling mistake.

As of now, I just have to accept that my boyfriend is occasionally up for an #orgyparty after his shoulder day. After all, everybody needs some amusement during their non-riding workdays...

He was also surprised that no one liked the post. At first it seemed like Instagrammers are all vegetarians, but now he proved it:

People DO read Instagram posts, not only look at the pictures!

Moto Japan