Honda 400x 2017 release! New colors of Japan-only Crossover model

by Moto Japan

Today, Honda released the new lineup of Crossover motorcycles!

400x got new design and colors, accenting their adventurous spirit and adding a few tweaks to the design and performance to the adventure ride! 400cc and agile design brings optimal balance and sporty handling to this capable off-roader.

Sales of the new bikes in Japan are starting today, and while the basic model starts at 741,960JPY (687,000JPY before tax), the 400 X ABS version starts at 792,720 JPY (734,000 JPY before tax). Not too bad, given its adaptability to road and dirt surface!

New Crossover models are available in 3 new shades of red, silver and white. Which Honda 400x would you take for a ride?

Moto Japan