Uber Elevate Networks bringing new transportation verticals with Pipistrel electric aircrafts by 2020

by Moto Japan

It's not entirely a motorcycle-related post this time. We're rather sharing a short announcement with pure engineering news from Uber!

Why? Because we're glad to hear that Uber Elevate Network selected Pipistrel, a Slovenian aviation company, as their manufacturing innovation partner to develop electric vertical takeoff and landing aircrafts.

While Pipistrel provides planes for world's top engineering companies and private & public sector, this deal will hopefully elevate their production and engineering even higher. At the same time, Pipistrel will bring Uber to new environment-friendly heights, bringing their EcoLution(TM) philosophy into the partnership deal. Pipistrel's philosophy is all about flying green, thinking green and acting green every step of the way!

Uber appointed Pipistrel for large-scale deployment of electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing vehicles (VTOLs) in order to fulfill its mission of providing a safe, reliable transportation service to everyone, everywhere.

While Uber plans to operate a network through which electric VTOL vehicles in numerous cities worldwide, they set an important roadmap milestone in 2020, when they aim to provide a flight demonstration using Pipistrel aircrafts. Electric aicrafts should be able to satisfy safe short distance urban commute, saving time and money of passengers, but also being environmentally friendly.

For more information refer to this article,Pipistrel's announcement or Uber Elevate Program Whitepaper.

Moto Japan