Most impeccable sights of Japan are not where everyone goes looking...

by Moto Japan

Being without a vehicle in Japan under any circumstances (living or traveling) is perfectly fine, as the urban infrastructure offers more than essentials for commuters. But once you decide to explore more than just the basics, it's clear that not having a ride limits your experience. It limits most travelers to wander around the 'Golden Route', visiting cities and sights overcrowded with tourists, and places everyone has seen on pictures hundreds of times.

And while masses crowd towards Kyoto or Osaka, more sacred and interesting places are left for us to explore.

By us I mean the bikers. Those who appreciate the journey more than destination itself. Those that can bypass congestion and easily slide into wonderful nature of Japan, obeying nothing but the sound of our engines. With a magic teleportation machine beneath us, we cross cities, rice fields and oh so many forests, caring only whether the sky above us will stay clear all along the ride.

Photo by bady qb on Unsplash

Photo by bady qb on Unsplash

An in that serenity, we absorb everything the ride has to offer. It's always about the journey, not the destination. But nothing can compare to happiness upon reaching a destination full of impressions, new colors, shapes sounds and smells from the open road, with tired body and refreshed mind. That's the true beauty of riding.

In the following few articles, we will write about our favorite riding destinations. Far away from the bustle of Kyoto. The real founts of mindfulness. Stay tuned.

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