BEYOND THE MOTOR - 45th Tokyo Motor Show announced!

by Moto Japan

This year's Tokyo Motor Show theme has just been announced. The 2017 event will prioritize topics "BEYOND THE MOTOR", running for ten days from Friday, October 27 through Sunday, November 5, 2017 at Tokyo Big Sight.

Fans of Japanese motorized vehicles are in for a real treat, as all main 14 manufacturers and 15 Japanese brands confirmed their participation. In addition to Japanese showcases, 13 manufacturers and 19 brands from abroad will exhibit. In total they expect 150 companies from 10 countries bringing their updates on passenger cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, carrozzeria, vehicle bodies, parts, machinery and tools, as well as automobile-related services. Full exhibitor list can be found here.

Difference from previous year is the return of Volvo (passenger car) exhibition, as well as Harley-Davidson motorcycles, while the Swedish commercial vehicle manufacturer Scania will debut at next Tokyo Motor Show. This year they are also increasing the space, adding 2 halls to the show.

U.S. top automakers (once again) skipping Tokyo Motor Show

But despite of the trendy topic and organizer’s efforts to bring the full-blown display of latest and greatest technologies, next Tokyo Motor Show seized to impress the top American automotive companies. All three strongest industry players, General Motors, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Ford Motor Co, are refraining from participation, not seeing the value in event promotion at the tough Japanese market ground. GM and Ford have not participated in the show for 5 years already (moreover, Ford completely withdrew their car sales in Japan last year), while Fiat Chrysler displayed its Jeep and Fiat lineups last year. Jeep was was the first U.S. brand to display their products in nearly a decade, and remaining the number 1 best-selling U.S. brand (and 7th most common import overall), for a second we expected them to renew this tradition. Our wishful thinking, however unrealistic.


For the first time, they will hold a new signature event called  “TOKYO CONNECTED LAB 2017”. In words of the organizer:

Three hands-on programs will provide easy understanding from the customer perspective, with opportunities to experience the social ties and new values spawned by future mobility society. In a large dome-shape 360-degree visual projection space where approximately 300 people can share an overview experience at once, we will execute an interactive exhibit of automated driving, car sharing, personal mobility, smart logistics, and other elements of the mobility society projected for the megacity of Tokyo in 2020 and beyond.

To further engage with the audience, they will project visitors' comments through a mobile app survey, creating a dynamic visual experience.

VR aspect of the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show

This years event will bring cover the hottest tech aspects as well: Attendees will have an opportunity to join the VR test ride, along with other passengers in the same space. This simulation will bring 30 people into an experience similar to playing a video game, sensing the comfort and safety of cars that employ various connected technologies such as automated driving, vehicle-to-vehicle/road-to-vehicle/pedestrian-to-vehicle communication, and mobility services.

Business and user networking

The venue will be perfect for discussions on mobility, encouraging conversation between business and trend leaders from automobile industry, as well as other industries. These will be streamed online as programs to disseminate information about future technologies.

Go for a ride!

This event will be hands-on, giving attendees opportunity experience vehicles at a larger scale. Test rides/drives will be expanded to the neighboring Tokyo Waterfront City area. Generally, we can expect more test-ride programs including various mobility devices, passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and most importantly MOTORCYCLES.

And logistics will be taken care of, as they will operate shuttle buses, taking visitors from Tokyo Waterfront City area, and assuring an easy commute between East and West Exhibition Halls.

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