Moto Japan ☠ Haruka - Harley Davidson booth model

by Moto Japan

The other day we joined the Tokyo Motor Show 2017 as press team. Harley Davidson booth was unlike any other: It was overflown with very exclusive models led by a PR representative, which made the scenery reminiscent of a kyabakura (Japanese hostess club). This time we interviewed one of the ladies, Miss Haruka.

When asked to take a picture with her, I gladly responded. Namely, this time, the table cover charge was covered by the company.

Because I don't know much about American motorcycle type have no experience driving a Harley, can you teach me the basics?

In Japan, it is not obligatory to wear a helmet on a tricycle, therefore it is recommended for ladies who like to ride before their shift at kyabakura, as they don't have to worry about helmet hair.

Haruka & Yakuwa Kazuto

Haruka & Yakuwa Kazuto