Honda RoboCas Concept turned Tokyo Motor Show into a party

by Moto Japan

Honda presenting its RoboCas Concept At Tokyo Motor Show 2017, Honda transformed their small-sized electric mobility concept RoboCas into a DJ booth.

RoboCas Concept is a cute cargo bot that can follow you around while haulingĀ  whatever you like in its large, customizable carrying space. It can be an autonomous cooler or a portable DJ booth. It's primary role would help people open pop-up restaurants or shops, but while Honda transformed cars into a DJ mixing booths many times before, we could expect this practice at the Tokyo Motor Show 2017 as well. This time they used a true fire-starter, as RoboCas took the role of a DJ booth during a music performance:

RoboCas is complete with a driving function, an optional canopy, and storage space adaptive to different uses. Honda described its new concept as a "communication robot of the future".

According to Honda. its use is limited only by the imagination: open an impromptu cafe during the weekend, or a soup cafe or curry shop...