Valentine ride to the heart of Japan

by Moto Japan

Valentine's day is set in the heart of winter, when most roads in Japan are still risky for bikers due to the probability of snowfall and ice on the road. For a motorcycle ride starting in Tokyo, Izu is often a winter ride safe choice (as long as you take the road by the sea and not the famous mountain skyline):

Izu is great in winter, that's why we went there this weekend. Returning yesterday, the traffic was not so bad, cherries were blossoming already (it starts there earlier than Tokyo), it's extremely beautiful and peaceful. What we love about Izu, is that even on this small peninsula close to the capital city, one can always discover something new. This time, we went to the Ryugu Cave (the Dragon cave), which was formed when its ‘roof’ crumbled due to wave erosion, leaving an opening of about 50 m in diameter.

The wave erosion happened in 2 directions, which slowly carved the heart-shaped opening of the cave. This "secret spot" is a perfect Valentine's date destination, if you want to throw a little romantic superstition into a romantic riding day.

And when in Shimoda, forget chocolates and candies, go for the best Valentine's lunch; The famous Shimoda burger at Michi no Eki, Shimoda's "tourist center" with restaurants and souvenir shops. Shimoda

burger is a fish burger, made of kinmedai (splendid alfonsino), a regional fish. It is indeed a splendid burger:

Day filled with hearts, pink cherry blossoms, curvy roads and tasty burgers. We had one fabulous date, and our bikes seemed to have enjoyed very much as well.