Tokyo Hentai Motorcycle Show 2018

by Moto Japan

※ Last month,  the highly anticipated Motorcycle Show was held in Tokyo. We had a blast at the Tokyo Motor Show 2018 (and even recorded our Moto Japan Podcast pilot episode there), therefore the expectations about the exhibition dedicated to (mainly) 2-wheelers were high. We returned to Tokyo from an overseas business/pleasure trip early - in time for the show. That’s how much we were expecting!

We knew we’d be blown away, but didn’t expect to be fascinated by the following:

You don’t need to buy a ticket for the Tokyo Motorcycle Show. It’s free. Maybe not on purpose, but it’s entirely free.

How to get a free event ticket?

We applied for media passes months in advance and had a grueling correspondence with the organizer. They demanded a lot of information about the company and participants, and it took a while to pass the screening. Receiving the approval, we skipped the long queue at the ticket office and went straight to the Media/VIP counter, where the friendly clerks asked us for 2 business cards which they immediately stapled onto media passes, without any checks or verifications. We realized they don’t have a guest list and generally give media passes to anyone who approaches the counter. So there you go for next year, bring 2 business cards and you’re good to go!

There were no great no great news and releases at this year’s Tokyo Motorcycle Show

It seemed as if the exhibitors have joined this “penalty expo” just as it’s a formality that shouldn’t be missed. Just in case… Speaking to a few exhibitors on-site, they shared that the audience is usually not that perceptive about their products, and they don’t see any return of investment participating in such show. If they have resources for it, they rather put more effort into the Tokyo Motor Show, or just work their own ways of exhibiting their bikes/gear/parts. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t boring, but just wasn’t amazing.

It was a pervert show.

As soon as we got in we saw this:

Most visitors of the show didn’t come for bikes. Many of them were there for the models, and they came well prepared. Trying to catch a glimpse of a pussy (as the models explained), some of them even took pictures with 赤外線カメラ, the infrared camera that is supposedly taking pictures beyond clothes. We took the pictures before these men approached them dangerously close, not giving them any space to breathe, move, or seek help. Things got a lot worse from here.

You can hear about Tokyo Motorcycle Show 2018, along with the interview with the 2 harassed models in our latest Moto Japan Podcast.

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