Alternative (Emergency) Accommodation in Japan - Podcast Transcript (part 2)

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Below is the transcript of the 2nd part of our podcast on  Alternative/Emergency accommodation options in Japan. You can search (and please subscribe!) the full podcast on any major podcast streaming providers under "Moto Japan". You can also listen to it at hearthis.at.

The 1st part of the show is transcribed here.

Up until now we were talking about those accommodations, which is very emergency situation. So, from now on, we gonna talk about alternative accommodation.


In Japan

Mhm. So if you don't want to go to hotel, you can always book an Airbnb. There used to be many before, but recently they got a stricter regulation, so there are not as many cheap accommodations available as there were before... We stayed at quite some interesting places last year…

Yeah, so if you wanna know about Airbnb, let us know, we gonna tell you… How to say that?

Yeah we can send you to some nice places… We can recommend…

As far as we know…

Last year we stayed one time in a cat house.

Yeah in Chiba prefecture.

Mhm, yeah. We stayed in a place where actually the guy who owns it keeps his cats. And it's actually a very beautiful traditional house in the countryside and we had very a nice place to leave our bikes under camera surveillance.

And they have a garage where you can repair your bike and he has a Lotus Seven.


A lot of cars, you can have a BBQ outside. You can see that… Nandake?

The fireflies!




It's super super suuuuuuuper romantic .

Completely in the mountain.

Yeah exactly.

In the middle of nowhere.

It’s exactly where you wanna take your bike for a date. We also stayed in a garage once, also in Chiba. A guy was renting out his garage that had like a small toilet. There was no shower, but there was an onsen nearby where you can go take a shower. And that was also a very nice experience in the summer. So there are quite many interesting places where you can get off the beaten track and have fun.

Yeah we know a few appropriate places, you know, for riders.

Yeah if you have questions, send them over.

Please ask us.

And especially for riders… Many foreigners have actually asked us about the famous rider houses which are common in Japan. It’s usually run by a rider who wants to have some kind of like a community event at the place. You can meet other people for riding… This place is usually somewhere in the middle of nowhere, it's quite exciting to to discover the way to get there and then like share the stories with others.

Do you wanna say something?

No, no, no, no, it's OK…

And we had this experience once only, we realized it's not really for us. If you are looking for this kind of experience it’s definitely something you should check out. The main website that has all these rider houses listed is Hatinosu, and we will put all the links to the show notes anyways so you can check there. And… do you wanna say why we didn't like this kind of accommodation or should I?

OK so the reason why we didn't like it: Because like...

Or why YOU didn't like it... Cause it's different...

Yeah why I didn't like it... Because the place where we stayed... Papasunchi in Chiba... I don't like to have like a communitie with other riders in general...

We actually went there when both of us we needed rest from work. We were both working full-time in tech companies in Japan with really grueling rules and schedules so we just wanted to take our mind off and go riding and we just arrived there and there was this very company-like community feeling where first of all the guy was very nice - he was very worried, he called as many times to see if we're on the way and... I mean I even get angry when my mom does that too often, so I definitely didn't want that from other people...


So we felt a little pressured to come on time because he was preparing dinner. As soon as something my schedule at least I get really like... grumpy...


So... We arrived there and then everybody kinda had a task and everybody had to do everything together and then there was no individuality in it and it was a very Japanese way of handling things I think...


So I think for people who are traveling maybe this is kind of interesting to see Japanese school camp

 Yeah yeah...

The riders edition.

For bad riders person...


You know what I mean?


Yeah, so... By my side: So first of all I don't wanna ride to meet other riders.

Mhm. And very fast it can become very expensive... So for example even though the accommodation there was 2,000 JPY per person, we ended up paying 10,000 JPY, more than 1万, right?

Yeah for...

For 2 of us?

For 2 of us.

Yes. Because we were... We joined them for dinner (so they were cooking something) but then at the same time also we didn't bring any food... I actually couldn't eat anything except of the salad they had there, even though I'm not super picky... but I really, I don't know, there was nothing for me to eat... It's like... I don't know... I'm spoiled... And we drank everything immediately - like we ran out of alcohol immediately.

Yeah yeah

Like not immediately, but kind of... And then also at that place everybody stayed in the same room, there were few people camping outside and we reserved two beds or large bed or I don't know what... And in the end because there was no capacity, some people had to sleep on the floor. And there was this one guy who was snoring like crazy and you got really angry at him [laughing].

[laughing] Yeah it's kind of like "share room". Like dormitory.


So it's a bit risky because they don't have a defined regulations, so the bed is fucking disgusting and... you know... it's not really clean.

And we all had to take a shower at the same time one after another...

It's like a weekend house he's using...

Yeah exactly... And it was kind of like... I don't know... We got annoyed by different things to be honest... Like you were really angry at that guy... Who? He was working... Like he was some software developer from Oracle or something? I don't know...

I don't know, I don't remember...

You got really angry at him because just couldn't like... He was a  very socially awkward guy... Actually I liked him, I liked talking to him, it was OK... But you... He was always trying to talk to you and he

just didn't let you go so it was kind of getting really heavy. But yeah... So that's the

reason why we decided we don't want to go there because we just don't

want to follow other people's like plans and we don't want to have this

kind of like a school feeling but for anybody who's wanting to experience that it's a pretty amazing

thing. And we also heard that in Hokkaido these rider houses are pretty amazing. That it's a very nice place to go.



Doko dake?

In... I don't know, they told us - in general it's a very different community cause

Ah yeah - and they have a lot

Cause they have a lot of rider

houses and also there's not so many people, so you can actually have like quite a nice time. It's kind of like... It's people, it's hit and miss... Depends on who you're gonna meet.

If you need a moment to take it all in after riding, you shouldn't be there.

Yeah yeah

Like that kind of...


Like too much...

Exactly. Yeah but if you come alone from overseas and you also want to meet some people and see what they're doing, then it's I think a really cool place to go.

And last but not least:

It's camping!

So camping is really fabulous in Japan. There are many campsites where you can go. They're pretty cheap. The facilities are usually quite nice, except some of them might have really shitty toilets, but you cannot blame that... You can also just set up your tent in the middle of nowhere somewhere in the public lands and it's very difficult to figure out if it's legal or not. Japanese are very actually relaxed on that.

In general, you cannot set up your own tent in the public space in Japan, except Miura Peninsula.

Is Miura Peninsula the only place in Japan where you can do it?

I only know you can set up... you can do camping in Miura Peninsula. Everywhere. I mean in a public space.

Yeah, we're not sure about other places and it is very difficult to check that because there is are strict rules. So just don't be stupid and don't do anything stupid, but... 

You just going to camping site.

Yeah that's the best thing. But I mean... If it's an emergency and you have a tent, and...

You don't have to make a reservation usually.

Yeah you usually don't have to. Unless it's Golden Week or something.


Yeah but they always have a space for a bike.

And log.

Also one good thing about thecampsites in Japan: Sometimes you have to bring your own tent, but sometimes they have bungalows, or they rent out tents. So if you don't want to carry all the equipment on your bike, you can check which ones actually offer rental.


And you can rent the BBQ and buy charcoal and have a lot of fun.

Yeah, defo!

Defo, have a lot of fun!

So that's it! Now that you know where to stay, please come to Japan and enjoy the riding season because it's just spectacular.

Don't miss it!

Don't miss it!


Yeah finally! I'm super happy!

Please ask us if you need information to be exact. We will tell you for example which camping place is the best for your purpose.


If we talk now it's gonna take forever.

Mhm yeah we just wanted to give you a short update because we got so many questions from you guys. And then if we missed something let us know. And you can follow us on Instagram at moto.japan and listen to our podcast and...

Listen to your moto!


And... We're gonna wait for you in Okutama!

Yes, see you there!


[laughing] chaish?!

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