Original Licensed Honda T-shirts: Incredibly cheap at GU Japan

by Moto Japan

GU, the clothing chain that is part of the Uniqlo brand, has been releasing officially licensed Honda garments for a while already. The brand that “offers fun fashion at fabulously low prices” is cheaper than the general Uniqlo brand, and when it comes to T-shirts, the quality honestly feels better.

We just bought a few as their regular tees cotton is not bad at all, and at 790 JPY per piece, they're a steal! Previous models can be even found on sale (but mostly sold out already).

If you get a chance, pick up a T-shirt or two. We got a black Honda NSR T-shirt and a plain white tee with Honda logo, so all we need is a vintage Honda NSR or CBR for pairing 😜. We considered getting a SuperCub T-shirt as well, as it's such a legendary model, but having a Honda Today for daily commute, we skipped it. We'll wait for next batch (and the alignment of models).

GU has been holding Honda apparel for a while now, including nice hoodies and jackets that are suitable for bike rides. They also dedicated this collection to kids, and had a special father's day campaign.

Social media (especially Instagram) posts prove the success of their campaign. Families with kids seem to be having most fun with the Honda x GU collaboration.

You can find T-shirts at men's section, even though they are suitable for anyone. Girls rock Honda apparel with red lipsticks, denim, bunny rabbits and Honda bikes, naturally!

You're welcome. Now go get your T-shirt.

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