Baird Beer at NEUTRAL

by Moto Japan

NEUTRAL team is proudly presenting our beer sponsor for our [Bikes ・ Art ・ Music] event in September:

Baird Beer, craft beer with a wholesome and unmistakably authentic character!

Baird Brewery is a family company born of a deep passion for beer and a great reverence for brewing history, tradition and culture. The story of this craft brewing dream began to take form back in 1997 when the owners Bryan and Sayuri quit their day jobs in Japan and moved to the United States to study the craft beer renaissance underway in the Pacific Northwest. Their motto is "Celebrating Beer".

At the NEUTRAL [Bikes ・ Art ・ Music] open-air festival on September 29th 2018, Baird Beer will be served to attendees arriving to the Ryogoku venue by public transport. We're especially proud of our beer sponsor, as its brewery serves as a popular campsite for riders enjoying the streets of Izu Peninsula in Shizuoka.

Baird Beer brewers craft a diverse and balanced lineup of year-round styles. While each beer provides a distinct and unique flavor experience, all of their styles share a certain “House” character stemming from a common brewing philosophy. Wondering which beer they will bring to NEUTRAL? Check the full lineup on their website.

Riding to Camp Baird

Camp Baird is located on the beautiful grounds of Baird Brewery Gardens Shuzenji in the idyllic natural environment of the Izu peninsula, the common riding area in Japan. The Baird Beer team runs Camp Baird that welcomes riders who love camping. This is definitely the best place in Japan to enjoy refreshing craft beer and relaxing night under the stars after riding around Izu. Now you know where to go for the most refreshing ride of the season!

Baird Beer Team is currently running a crowdfunding campaign to improve the campground even further. Please check their active campaign and feel free to participate.

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