by Moto Japan

Fascinated by riders of Japan, we are adding regular interviews with some of the most enchanting motorcycle riding personalities in the land of the rising sun.

At this occasion, we talked to Rin!

Name: Rin

Bike: KAWASAKI ZX636r (2015)

Years riding: 3

Favorite riding spot/route: Nothing in particular

Motto: Live with Laughter

Where are you from?

I was born in Higashi-Yamato, Tokyo. I'm a "half", with parents from Japan and The Philippines.

When did you become interested in motorcycles?

When I was in high school, I had many riders around me. When I was 18, I just got a 400cc bike license, even though I didn't have a bike yet. My friend was also into bikes, so we kind of encouraged each other to get an "oogata" (big bike) license together. I got a bike after that, and after finishing high school and getting a job.

How often do you ride and what's your style?

I try to make it a couple of times per week. If it's not raining on my day off, I'll definitely go for a ride.

I like wearing comfortable gear! When it's hot, I'd sometimes wear just a T - shirt without any protectors. In case of falling, it could be  dangerous, but wearing a safety jacket is very uncomfortable and not fashionable at all. Style before safety (laugh).

Why did you choose your current Kawasaki?

I wanted to get an "oogata" license while I'm younger. I used to ride Ninja 400 before I did my large bike license exam. I didn't want to abandon the Ninja brand, as I was very happy with it. That's why I upgraded within Kawasaki. Initially, I went to the bike shop just to check out the bikes, without an intention to buy anything. Somehow the conversation about it progressed, until I was drawn to buy it (laugh). Sometimes momentum is important, it was impulsive buying to be honest (laugh).

The color of the bike is not what I was looking for, but I started liking it more while I rode it, and I love it now!

Would you consider changing your bike in the future?

My favorite has always been Kawasaki ZX10R! It is a motorcycle I would like to ride someday.

Do you prefer riding alone or in a group?

Sometimes I go alone, usually to the seaside, and just get lost in my own thoughts. In the beginning, I didn't have many rider friends, so I went alone and just took pictures and enjoyed the solitude. Afterwards, I met some friends, one by one, and it soon increased to a large group. Whenever someone's free, we invite each other to join the ride. Recently that means 10 people even!

What's your favorite riding spot?

Miyagase Lake and Doshi, as these destinations close to my home, and so many riders go there. I like riding there, as it's a very lively spot and lives up to the bikers "YEAH!" spirit!

What are you enjoying the most about it?

Since I got acquainted with bikes, my life has changed. I used to be a shy introvert, but bike has expanded my network and I am more confident to meet people with my bike. My preferred time is going for a ride with lovely bikes and great riding buddies. Being a girl, I am aware that I might have to quit riding for a while in the future, but I am confident I would always come back to riding after all. No matter what, I also want to keep my rider friendships in the future.

What's your riding goal?

It's not really a goal, but more of a dream: I want to ride around Hokkaido one day. It's a small goal, and I know I will make it come true someday! ♡

Final thoughts?

I'm so happy I started riding. Motorcycles are awesome!

INSTAGRAM: @airininja1212 ~ Bun∞Bee りんちゃん