MOTO JAPAN Rider: Ma7a

by Moto Japan

Fascinated by riders of Japan, we are adding regular interviews with

some of the most enchanting motorcycle riding personalities in the land

of the rising sun.

We spoke to Ma7a about her dream to ride around Italy with her MV Agusta Ago one day.

Name: Ma7a

Bike: MV Agusta F3800 Ago

Years riding: 1 year

Favorite motto: No use crying over spilled milk.

Where are you from and how did you get into riding?

I was born in Kanagawa and always loved motorcycles. I was largely influenced by my brother, who is a rider.

Do you ride a lot?

If I'm not working and if it's not raining, I'm on my bike. That's my style, riding whenever it's possible! Even very early in the morning.

Why have you chosen MV Agusta F3800 Ago?

It's the motorcycle that triggered me to get a motorbike license in the first place! I badly wanted it.

Are any other bikes intriguing now?

No, Ago is my only choice! ♡

Do you prefer riding solo or sharing the experience in a group

If I go far, I prefer riding with a group of riders. I'm an extrovert and enjoy sharing the experience and tlaking. When I'm going for a short ride, I go alone, as I want to discover various places on my own with complete freedom.

Where's your favorite place to go?

I like Yokohama and Tokyo in the morning.

What do you enjoy the most about riding?

Everything including various encounters, scenery, personal connections, range of activities, etc. has expanded ✨

Those who do not ride do not lose, but riders get it! Is not it

What's the destination you'd like to visit with your bike?

Some day I would love to take go around Italy with my Ago!

Sure, it would fit there perfectly!

Final riding thoughts?

Riding is a life-changing experience!