MOTOJAPAN rider:Sanjeev Kumar

by Moto Japan

Name: Sanjeev Kumar

Bike(s): Yamaha MT 09 Tracer, previously Triumph Street Triple R

In India, Harley Street 750(16,500 kms just under 5 months after purchase)

Years riding: 7 years (Riding Motorcycle Since 2002)

Favorite riding spot/route: Route Number 413 & 299

Sanjeev's Motto: “Think Big, You will get Big“

Where were you born and when did you get into riding.?

A Small town in Northern Part of India, (Bopa Rai Kalan, Nakoder, Jalandhar, Punjab, India). I first rode a 50cc scooter way back in 1996. That time I realized that the two-wheeler is my Best Friend.

What do you enjoy the most with your Best Friend nowadays?

Nature in Japan; the best combination is Sea & Mountain which I don’t get in India.

How often do you ride and where do you usually go?

I am a Engineer by Profession & weekday ride is impossible for me (due to long working hours in Japan). But weekend is mine, so almost all weekend I ride. But being a married guy & father of a beautiful angel, I need to spend time with them too.

My favorite riding style is Touring

Why did you choose the current bike?

Being a 6 feet tall touring lover, I always wanted to buy a touring bike, then I choose Tracer over Africa Twin, Verys. Tiger was out of race due to budget.

Will you change your bike in the future? If yes, which bike would you choose next?

Oh for sure, my dream bike is R1200 GS, reason soon I am planning cross-countries & world ride, so GS is king of all adv & touring bike.

Do you enjoy riding alone or with other people? Why?

Generally I rode alone, because I am not Sunday riding type biker who rode 100 kms, once i am on bike, I make sure we spend quality of time.

But group riding is fun too, being always experience rider it will put more responsibility to your shoulder to monitor fellow group riders.

What is your most interesting road story so far?

Yes, when I rode to the highest Motorable road in World (18,386 feet) way back in 2010, I was riding at one of the highest passes & way ahead of group. Suddenly I was under 1-2 feet of snow with my bike, I fell down in a small river which was covered with snow. I though this was last day, I was struck for around 20-30mins & trust me it was like end of my life, but I was saved & completed that ride.

That's very scary! It didn't discourage you for further rides? Do you plan to take adventurous roads again in the future?

I'd like to do a world tour on motorcycle, so I'm saving some chunks of money every quarter. I know it's gonna cost hell a lot of money, but fulfilling my dream is much more worth it.

Any final thoughts?

Thanks for providing platform of riders, usually we appear like gangster or some bad person...

Haha, sad but true, that's usually the case. But riders like you prove those assumptions wrong!