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TRAN/SUM is the latest event in SUM/SERIES, a series of conferences and festivals combining specific industries, technology and the vision for the future that creates unique links between the government, corporates, academia and startups. SUM/SERIES summits are founded by Nikkei and often co-organized by various branches of the Japanese Government, supported by the leading players in respective industries.

During the latest TRAN/SUM event, Una Softic participated in a panel about artificial intelligence in transportation industry. The title of the discussion was: SELF-DRIVING TECHNOLOGIES: STEERING TOWARDS FULL AUTOMATION

This panel explored the current capabilities of (semi)autonomous cars, and where they will lead us in the future:

How far are we from full automation and which steps need to be done to gain the trust of industry professionals, as well as the wider public? Which steps are essential in quality assurance of large connected autonomous systems, and how will they impact our daily lives?


Christian Weiner, Senior Product Manager, Softing Automotive Electronics

Shakti Mahapatra, Co-Head, Business Development, Netradyne

Masayuki Ishizaki, CEO, Ascent Robotics

Una Softic, Innovation Consultant, TRAN/SUM

Una Softic, Christian Weiner, Shakti Mahapatra, Masayuki Ishizaki
Christian Chris Weiner

Christian Weiner (Softing Automotive) observed that while industry changes add a high degree of testing automation to development and maintenance, vehicles still need a lot of manual handling and driving experts. Finding solutions for OEM engineer's daily tasks, Chris imagines each vehicle of the future with a minimum of 3 HPCs, each with a 1-2 year replacement cycle.

Una Softic, Christian Weiner, Shakti Mahapatra, Masayuki Ishizaki

Shakti Mahapatra and Prasant Kumar (Netradyne) spoke from factual US and Indian road experience about the importance of accurate data and real-time data for ADAS systems, such as their Driver-i device that even helps crowdsource dynamic 3DHD maps.

Christian Weiner, Shakti Mahapatra, Ishizaki Masayuki

Masayuki Ishizaki (Ascent Robotics, Inc.) emphasized the efficiency of simulator tests that train SDCs within harsh conditions.

This discussion opened was concluded with an acknowledgement that the infrastructure & legislation need to work hand in hand to bring safe and efficient automated vehicles to roads soon.