by Moto Japan

TRAN/SUM is the latest event in SUM/SERIES, a series of conferences and festivals combining specific industries, technology and the vision for the future that creates unique links between the government, corporates, academia and startups. SUM/SERIES summits are founded by Nikkei and often co-organized by various branches of the Japanese Government, supported by the leading players in respective industries.

A small part of past TRAN/SUM was dedicated to motorcycling technology, and we were glad to be involved with the program and the content provided by EVOKE Electric Motorcycles, a Beijing-based company that designs and manufactures smart motorcycles that are safer, greener, and more accessible to those with the desire to ride.

Evoke combines the latest electric power train with IoT and IoV technology; resulting in motorcycles that excites professional riders, while offering comfort and safety that appeals to beginners. By simplifying the riding mechanics and integrating smart technology, Evoke team has eliminated a rider’s learning curve, expensive maintenance costs and dependencies on fossil fuel.

EVOKE's cofounder Nathan Siy delivered an excellent presentation about the green future of motorcycling, as well as innovative mobility solutions (like ride-sharing) that EVOKE offers to their riders.

Nathan Siy Evoke Motorcycles Una Softic Nikkei Transum

Nathan presented their startup during the Pitch Run, TRAN/SUM pitch contest, and won the Nikkei Award.

We cannot wait to see EVOKE Electric Motorcycles on the streets of Japan soon.

Nathan Siy Evoke Motorcycles Nikkei Transum